Why is this more expensive than using a video compilation app?

Your video will be edited professionally, and you will not have to spend time contacting friends and family to send their videos, as we do all that for you.  We can add personal touches such as photos, home movies, titles, end credits and music. We can also film anyone who is not able to record a video themselves. We are on hand to offer technical and creative support throughout.


How long can my video be?

We recommend 30 seconds to a minute.  If you have more to say, then up to 2 minutes is fine but remember that yours will not be the only video message.


How do I send it to you?

We recommend you use WeTransfer.com, either on the web or the app.  It’s simple to use and free. Please see tutorial video if you need help.  You can also use dropbox.com.


Why can’t I send my video by email or WhatsApp?

Email and social media compress the videos, which reduces the quality.


How do I send photos?

You can either send your photos via dropbox, WeTransfer or if you only have a couple to send, by email.


Can you add photos into the videos?

Yes, it’s a great idea to put photos in the video, it works best when they relate to the message.


What if they are old photos and not digital?

Just lay your photos in natural light and photograph them with your phone.  Try and keep them straight and away from direct overhead lighting as that often shows in the photograph.  Don’t use the flash.

Can you transfer our home movies?

You will need to get your home movies transferred to your computer and then send to us via wetransfer.com


How do you send us the finished video?

We will send your finished video via wetransfer.com.  Once you have the link, click on it and it will download.  You will find the video in your downloads file. We recommend you save it to a file, hard drive or memory stick.  Once you’ve shown the video at your special occasion, you can share the link with friends and family. Don’t forget that if you’ve chosen a music track with copyright, you won’t be able to post it on social media. If you do, the sound will be blocked and you may risk having your account terminated. If you’ve ordered a memory stick in a gift box, it will be posted by registered post.


What if someone wants to play it on a TV?

Just transfer the video on to a memory stick, then plug in to the TV or buy our branded USB stick in gift box with the video on it.


Can we choose our own music?

You can choose your favourite track as long as it is only played privately.  If you are playing it in a public venue, check that they have a PRS license. If you want to share it on social media, you need to choose royalty free music.


Do we get a choice of opening video?

We try and find a themed opening video title that will suit the occasion or the recipient’s interests.  We will let you know our suggestions and you make the final decision.


Can you put credits on?

Yes, we can add rolling credits at the end of the video, or you can have each person’s name at the bottom of their video message.  This is a great idea if you are playing the video at a party when not everyone will know who is in the video and lovely for future generations to look back on.


What happens if other people send their own videos?

If someone sends a video who you have not told us about, we will contact you to let you know and then you can decide whether to include it. Remember that you will be charged per video.


Can we add our own graphics and titles?

Please speak to us before adding graphics to your video as this can sometimes make it more difficult to edit.  We will add titles and transitions.


What happens if we don’t have 4 weeks lead time?

Please call us to discuss and we will do our best to help.  The longer lead time we have the better the video will be as it gives friends and family time to create their videos and more time for us to edit.


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

From the moment we start the job our team are working on contacting your friends and family, giving instructions and are on hand to help with any creative or technical questions.


How do I know if people have sent their videos in?

We keep a video log and we will send you a weekly update.  If emails bounce back or videos do not arrive, we will let you know.


How long can the entire video be?

The video can be from a couple of minutes to an hour but consider that your guests might not want to sit through an hour of messages.  10 to 20 minutes is the perfect length.


What if I want to cancel the order?

You will be charged for work that has been done so far.


What if I have an elderly relative who can’t use a video camera and doesn’t have anyone to video them?

We can arrange for a videographer to visit them in their home if they live within the M25.  We have editors in other parts of the country, so please ask. We charge £60 an hour plus travel expenses.


How do I know if my details are safe?

Please see our privacy policy.