A Video Gift for your Teacher

Give your teacher a video gift from all the class and make it a memory they will treasure forever.

Every May across America ‘teacher appreciation week’ takes place where pupils, parents and carers celebrate teacher’s work. We don’t have anything like that here, but we do think our teachers should be celebrated, whether it’s Christmas, Easter or the end of the school year. 

Here in the UK, giving the teacher an end of term gift is well established. Every year parents/carers struggle to come up with an original idea that is memorable, heartfelt and a true expression of their gratitude.  

A John Lewis voucher and a bottle of wine are always gratefully receive. But will it remind them of the 30 young people they taught over the past year and show how much they are loved and appreciated?

A video from 6F

‘This year my son was leaving both his teacher and his school, so we decided to give a gift with a difference and got the whole class involved.’

At the end of the summer term the class of 6F came together to film personal messages of thanks for a fantastic final year at Junior School.  All their individual personalities shone through. They all had great fun making the video gift and managed to keep it a secret.

The professionally edited video message compilation was played to Mrs Feltham on the last day of term. Understandably, she was a little overwhelmed but delighted to watch it with her class.

To make it really special every pupil’s name and Mrs Feltham’s favourite songs were added to the video gift.  ‘There was a lot of laughter and affection in the classroom that afternoon.’ 

Not only does Mrs Feltham have a permanent reminder of the class of 2019, but so do all the children and their families. 

‘I watched the video messages again five times that night and brought it into school to watch it again the next day. I love it, thank you to the Video Message Company for putting it all together.’ Mrs Feltham



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